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Interlocking Vs Traditional Floor Tiles

Tile floors are durable and easy to clean than other type of floors. They also increase a property’s value and increase the beauty and elegance of the room. There are many benefits to choosing tile floors. Here are some of the differences to between traditional and interlocking floor tiles.


To those who might only want to make a temporary change to their floors Interlocking floor tiles are also useful . Traditional tiles require adhesive and caulking, which frequently results in damage to the floor. Interlocking tiles do not require any adhesive and can be pulled up as needed.

Traditional floor tiles are difficult to replace. If one tile is damaged, in most cases all the tiles around it have to be replaced in the repair process. This is a costly and time consuming procedure. In case one of the interlocking floor tiles is damaged, it is easy to remove it and replace it.


When it comes to price, interlocking floor tiles are significantly less expensive than standard tiles. The need for additional flooring or plywood, adhesive, tools and man hours can make standard floor tiles cost thousands of dollars more than interlocking floor tiles. Interlocking floor tiles does not require many tools. In some cases, they are placed directly on the floor and hammered in with a rubber mallet. They are also much easier to install without the assistance of a professional. This eliminates the need to hire expensive contractors to do the work.

Some think of interlocking tiles and immediately think of ugly, heavy, rubber flooring used in the industrial sector. This could not be further from the truth. While interlocking tiles were initially created to serve the industrial sector, they have come a long way since that time. Interlocking floor tiles are now available in an array of finishes and material types. They can be purchased in rubber, plastic, vinyl and porcelain, among many other high quality materials. Virtually any tile material that can be used in a traditional installation can also be used in interlocking floor tiles.

Many people also have questions about the tiles durability and use. Interlocking floor tiles are usually placed on the floor underneath it, meaning there is no adhesive or floor base. Interlocking tile floor systems are designed to lock together . These type of tile floors are appropriate for any use, from industrial to residential.

Interlocking floor tiles can also be treated exactly as any other flooring when cleaned. They are easy to clean . Standard floor cleaners will work just fine on interlocking floor tiles and no special care is needed.